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My Data Outlet Enters Five-Year License Agreement with LSV Asset Management

My Data Outlet (“MDO”), an innovator in delivering data integration tools for Research and Financial modeling, announced a five year software license agreement with LSV Asset Management (“LSV”) to power its equity research platform.

MDOs current product allows users to easily access, analyze and integrate large datasets into flexible open platforms like R and Python for back testing and modelling of financial instruments. The platform is vendor agnostic, scalable, and is able to accommodate large datasets reducing the time to productionize research to models.

“MDO is a nimble and time aware data integration platform with built in business intelligence. We will be leveraging the platform to bring current and historical time series data, in a programmable format, to our research and analytics team. The platform is easily accessible, scalable and flexible at integrating our ever growing proprietary and third party datasets that we have come to rely on. Our investments in MDO marks a long-term commitment to the MDO quantitative development platform and to MDO as a company”, said Bala Ragothaman, Private Investor and Partner at LSV Asset Management.

About My Data Outlet

The MDO platform for quantitative equity research is powered by a financial data API. MDO gives users a single access point through R and Python for extracting data, factor research, and deploying models into production. Founders Patrick Howerter, CFA, and Edward Sylvester, CFA, bring a combined 30 plus years of experience working for financial institutions developing research models and for financial data and infrastructure providers. This combined experience allows them to uniquely understand and develop integrative solutions for their financial clients. MDO is based in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, please visit

About LSV Asset Management

LSV Asset Management specializes in value equity management for institutional investors and investment funds around the world utilizing the application of our proprietary quantitative model to provide discretionary investment management services in portfolios of publicly-traded global equity securities. LSV was established in 1994 and is based in Chicago, Illinois.


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