Product News

MDO Platform is now available!

We are excited to announce the official launch of the MDO platform for Quantitative Equity Research!

MDO gives users access to Refinitiv’s QA Direct and other Financial data through an API (, based in the programming language of R. The functions use a central data dictionary to correctly apply adjustment factors and perform currency conversions. Helpful arguments are provided to do the difficult legwork for users, such as: lookback logic, shifting dates and fiscal periods, ttm calculations, and aligning data by fiscal period dates, preliminary dates, final dates, or point-in-time dates.

The MDO platform consists of the following:

  • API to access QA Direct data
  • Built-in functionality to easily create and test factors
  • Portfolio Attribution and Backtesting solutions

The software is easy to learn and use. No need to learn about the complexities of the underlying data. Contact us today for a demo and a trial version!

For more info, download our mdo-factsheet.