We power investment data by making data easy to use with our Software Development Kit

Start analyzing your investment data in minutes

Are you wrangling investment research data?

You have data in SQL Server or Snowflake that you want to evaluate with speed and fidelity

You would like to unlock the power of open source programming (R/Python)

You need the ability to run backtests with no limit on the size of data you are evaluating

Our expertise is why clients choose MDO

Getting your investment data cleaned, organized and ready for backtesting is the most time intensive part of the financial modeling processes. We have created methods to allow our users to get their data into their workflows with ease. You can rely on MDO to make sure you are using your data accurately and that your workflows can scale.


We partner with data vendors so that we can become experts of their schemas and can develop the underlying SQL to work with our SDK

The user maintains the relationship with their data providers and use MDO to enrich their current data

When you are ready to evaluate new content you can use MDOs workflows to evaluate data sets in a shorter period of time

You can rely on MDO to put your new factors into production


Data Partners


Leadership Team

Patrick Howerter

& Co-Founder

Eddie Sylvester, CFA

Director of Client Services
& Co-Founder

Charles Fann, CFA

Chief Technology

Steve Talken

Director of
Business Development

Patrick Howerter

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick brings extensive knowledge developing and supporting quantitative software applications. He has been the lead architect and developer of multiple platforms that connect open source software with financial databases, allowing fundamental and quantitative researchers to do their jobs more efficiently.

Eddie Sylvester, CFA

Director of Client Services & Co-Founder

Eddie is a co-founder of MDO and the Director of Client Solutions. Eddie will work on client support, product management, and the overall user experience for MDO products. He brings over 16 years of experience working with financial databases, with a product management background, and strong programming skills in SQL, R, and Python.

Eddie has been working with MarketQA and Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics / QA Direct data since 2004. He has experience as a product specialist, quality assurance analyst, and product manager, working on these products from every angle. Eddie is an expert in understanding the nuances of equity research, and understanding the usability needs of our clients.

Charles Fann, CFA

Chief Technology Officer

Charles brings over 17 years of experience working at the intersection of investments and technology. He spent the bulk of his career at a quantitative equity investment management firm where he led the development of the firm’s core investment technology and data architecture that supported the entire quant research process. Charles’ keen interest and experience in technology combined with his deep understanding of quantitative investing plays a key role in furthering MDO’s offerings.

Steve Talken

Director of Sales

Steve has spent his career working with asset managers and hedge funds focused on data across global equities and fixed income used within quantitative research. Steve brings a focus on developing client relationships and helping clients improve their workflows. Steve has a M.S. in Finance from University of Colorado.

Steve has worked at Thomson Financial and Refinitiv in various client facing roles from client support to proposition sales. He began his career supporting products such as MarketQA and Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics / QA Direct. He later transitioned to a sales role where he was responsible for leading numerous enterprise deals with some of the largest asset managers in the industry.