Is MDO ready ‘off the shelf’ for clients?

Yes. Clients that require little customization could be up and running in a day or two. MDO consultants will work onsite or remote to get clients setup and trained.

What software knowledge does the user need?

The user does not need to be familiar with the R. The MDO functionality is designed to be very user friendly, and users only need to learn 5-10 basic functions. We expect most users to be able to learn the system much faster than FactSet Universal Screener or other similar products.

What are some other benefits of using MDO?

Data Transformations and Organization:

  • We handle all the nuances of the data: security mapping to vendors, un-cumulating cash flow values, separating restated and unrestated data, and combining data from different regions/tables behind the scenes.
    • This can save clients months of time and ensure the data is being handled correctly.
  • Very fast and efficient data retrieval:
    • We handle all the split adjustments, currency conversions, lookback logic, scaling of data, lagging, and aggregating on the fly.
Can other content can be made available?

Yes, there is a custom data loader available. Any data that can be added to a SQL database can be added.

How easy is it to learn?

It is leaps and bounds easier than any existing financial data software. MarketQA requires learning a legacy custom programming language and thousands of functions. QA Direct requires extensive knowledge of the database schema and expert SQL programming. Other older platforms require using thousands of functions with legacy GUI and syntax. Other newer platforms have an inflexible workflow and a disconnect with properly aligning the underlying data.

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